Excellent Bright and Extraordinary Beautiful

  Due to global warming accelerates, NEEN love the spirit of the Earth's energy saving mission, developed a series of energy-saving applications commodity expectations with less waste, create greater energy efficiency. NEEN corporation upholds the innovative production and research and development, launched a series of low-wattage, high brightness and environmental optimization of LED lighting products, and the creation of its own brand "G-Lumens."

  NEEN has sold over 500,000pcs of G-Lumens LED tubes and bulbs from July, 2009. The representative products are sold by PC Home, CrazyMike, GOMAJI platform, and these products always won the best sales at PC Home for lighting products category. Except to big project development, we also consistently develop our brand to various channel and other chain stores. We has professional sales team to promote G-Lumens brand to We also have professional sales team to promote LED lighting to local hardware stores and other international markets.