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  Innovation and R&D, "labor-intensive industries instant upgrade process returns management services Andon System", adopted customized planning and design, use ZIGBEE wireless transmission technology, production line workers immediate return of the event Live immediately to the scene get back to the information on the back-end systems, the use of software to perform statistical analysis, while the front display real-time monitoring system by the online staff to reflect the events and figures in order to facilitate analysis and management and use, especially for labor-intensive industries, such as: production manufacturing factory.

  Innovative Andon management system can bring huge benefits for enterprises.
1. Deal with the problem in time manner, improve production efficiency, reduce the defect rate and improve inventory turns.
2. On-time delivery rate, so that greatly improve sales and service reputation.
3. Understand production problems, reducing the procurement time and cost savings in procurement.
4. Downtime should be reduced. Production plan has been improved with accurate and timely, material can be a reasonable speed, arrive on time, work stoppages on the production line will reduce the phenomenon to be expected.
5. Improve the management level, lower manufacturing costs, inventory costs fell, and a series of labor-saving production, marketing, human, hair, efficiency and effectiveness of fiscal improvement, so the high competitiveness of enterprises has also increased significantly.