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  Energy Service Company (ESCO) is a business type that providing a full range of services to improve energy efficiency. It assists business and industry to develop energy-saving plan, and the cost can be repaid from improving energy efficiency in the use. Better able to attract users to plan energy saving projects, because it can be considered not to construct their own funds themselves.

  Our service is Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPC), by providing energy-savings project for users, and to ensure that reached a certain number of energy-saving amount within a period. The cost of projects incurred in the period will be paid by savings of the energy cost. The cost of projects include energy audit services, project design, equipment selection and purchase, construction management, equipment installation and training expenses.

  The main service processes is assessing the feasibility Energy Conservation Measure (ECMs) for customers by energy-saving services with professional technology company. They analyze capital and payback period of renovation project for the promotion of energy-saving projects reference.

  ESCO business model for the energy users to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, but also do not have to pay an additional project costs; energy technology services companies to increase the company's turnover and profitability; financial institutions to relieve their financial pressure, has added a new business to earn spreads; environmental protection and sustainable development. Energy users, energy and technology services companies, financial institutions, environmental protection and work together to create a win-win situation.