NEEN solar street lights with high-quality, long-term use can not be replaced regularly, good return on investment, environmental issues and constantly remind people to reduce pollution on the planet, solar street is definitely worth a good energy development.

  Adoption of internationally renowned high-quality solar panels and batteries connected with street lights, solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity, street lights as a power source, the goal is to make streetlights itself without connecting power plants and power systems constitute an independent system to save energy. Not only advance towards the goal of energy saving, compared to traditional lights, showing the appearance of a new art style.

  Solar street lighting system works is simple, using solar cells solar panels during the day and photovoltaic effect principle made to receive solar radiation into electrical energy output, after a charge controller is stored in batteries at night when the illumination gradually reduced to about 10lux, solar panels open circuit voltage of about 4.5V, charge controller detects this voltage value after the action, the battery discharge lamp. After 8.5 hours of battery discharge, charge and discharge controller action, battery discharge end. The main role is to protect the charge and discharge the battery controller.

  Characteristics of solar lights
1. Erecting solar lights, solar panels during the day as long as the electricity generated is stored in a battery inside enough to supply the required lights, you can no longer connected to the power plants, the formation of a self-sufficient system, so will be a significant reduction in electricity costs.
2. Since solar street lights do not require wiring and power plants or other facilities connected, as long as the power generation lighting system itself has not been damaged, you can still usual lighting.
3. When a power outage occurs, solar street lighting was still able to generate electricity as usual.
4. Solar street lights combined with science and technology, environmental protection, aesthetics, life, is our essential goal.