Process if temporary power outages, resulting in the production line must seriously great distress and loss , so if the factory installation of solar power systems, as compared to corporate eliminating concerns in this regard , and the number of different demand of electricity consumption according to load and use , select the most appropriate customized solar power system to meet the needs of the production line .

  In terms of the plant's operating costs , electricity is a very important part of accounting , once off , if the use of traditional emergency generators , diesel is also expected to rise year after year , like electricity , conventional generators , noise and high pollution , but also additional manpower operating costs , so now that electricity demand is certainly plant , solar power is the best choice.

NEEN design of the solar power system can be powered three 800W/2400W/4000W , allowing customers to easily according to different needs to enjoy natural energy . And provide professional construction team , to government planning and installation of solar panels and long life , fast return on investment , the entire solar power system provides two years warranty , three years after the detection of a year free on a regular basis to the government , in addition to the design of the power of negative intimate wear ultra- the amount of protection, when you start wearing negative power is greater than the capacity of the system , with automatic power-off function to ensure the safety of the plant , also features overcharge protection function, when the battery is fully charged , that is no longer stored electricity , security and battery life safety.