Solar power system will naturally absorb energy during the day and turn into an effective power available for home appliance electricity use at night , without hassle . Intelligent charging function assisted design , sometimes charging when sunlight can not reach the highest energy efficiency, solar charging intimate timing detection rate reached function, when insufficient immediately start converting electricity to charge the auxiliary , always provide the most efficient charging performance , safe for use anywhere electricity .

  " Household solar power system " is set on the use of photovoltaic module from the house roof panels convert solar energy into electrical energy , power through DC / AC power converter (Inverter), will have to provide to the general household appliances use . All owners are also free to choose to sell the generated electricity wholesale Taiwan Power Company . Regardless of how the use of solar energy , can be substantial savings for each household electricity costs , or additional family income.

  Through NEEN's planning and design , whether it is a flat roof or a pitched roof of the house , the roof can be set up solar power generation system and get the best performance . Electricity generated by the solar power system , there is no exhaust emissions , it does not produce pollution , but there is no noise , is convenient and environmentally friendly energy . Moreover, through the installation of rooftop solar power systems , in addition to the appearance of the house with a considerable degree of fashion sense , but also to strengthen the house insulated waterproof function.

  The use of solar power can reduce carbon dioxide emissions , equivalent to planting trees to help the planet , so home life is closely related to the use of electricity and green energy , sustainable for the planet make a contribution .