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  To map out long-term strategies and our overall energy policy blueprint, the Executive Yuan approved Sustainable Energy Policy, the total national energy saving and carbon reduction paintings Dawning Green Energy Industry program, and ten benchmark benchmark programs and 35 type plan, implement and enforce policy-oriented spindle; through interagency division of labor, and implement source throttling policy direction of the net, in addition to efforts to improve energy efficiency dioxide reductions to ensure a stable supply of energy and to encourage the industry to import ISO 50001 energy management systems, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

  Due to technical ESCO industry complete, precise execution, transparency, consistency, and ultimately to be able to win the goal. The ISO 50001 "set goals, continuous improvement" principle, companies can enhance energy efficiency and willingness to expand the market. ISO 50001 is an international standard, and follow the IPMVP ESCO industry, is also internationally recognized methods, therefore, ESCO energy savings combined with ISO 50001 can achieve the best results.

  ISO 50001 is based on the PDCA principle of continuous improvement, as well as energy management organization incorporated in daily practice, the method outlined below: