There are many mutual incompatible wireless network technologies, such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth , ultra-wideband (UWB), and " near field communication" (Near Field Communications) While these standards have similar uses, but the actual usage scenarios and different. For example , Wi-Fi has a good range and the effective transfer rate , can be used in most wireless networks occasions , but on a portable device , its power consumption can be quite large . Bluetooth 's power consumption is relatively small , generally considered suitable for mobile phones and other network devices for a class of devices. Since the performance of ZigBee transmission rate and distance are not above two well positioned in a small amount of data to send and receive applications for .

  There are advantages of ZigBee : according to demand determines the transmission distance ( a few meters to several hundred meters ) , multi-node with rapid systematic, long-lasting power , low cost , integration of Wireless LAN CSMA / CA and anti-jamming technology of CDMA DSSS and so on.

  The concept of this product is to use ZIGBEE wireless transmission technology , the immediate return of the event online staff immediate return of the production line , real-time maintenance processing , online through the Internet to manage the event and statistical production line , real-time monitoring through equal and the reaction product line events , analyze and solve production line problems , improve production line efficiency.