At its peak electricity demand, it can turn off non-essential electrical appliances to reduce demand. Other interests include the development of smart grid power grid fault detection, judgment, automatically try to send electricity. Smart Grid is a way to reduce energy dependence, slow global warming measures.

  Energy management systems need to master the status of the load, electricity and renewable energy and associated projections, in order to facilitate crew work schedules and economic dispatch, and then respond to the deployment of control power, load, etc. dispersed.

  We provide interpretation of the load can be controlled, the software immediately available for the power connection for remote real-time monitoring, energy management can be used to meet the special needs of customers on the measurement of energy costs, through the display at any time to see the latest kilowatt, saving electricity it can detect the power supply situation of electricity providers, used to adjust the power consumption in order to save energy, reduce losses, enhance grid reliability purposes.