The design principles of NEEN LED lighting is using of ultra-low power consumption and the brightness are presented than traditional light over 20%

Trade Description

Product Feature

‧Plug & Use design can light up anywhere ‧Integrated design without any extra lighting rack save money for building new operating area

‧Serial connecting design easy to installation

‧High light output and smooth illumination performance

‧lnstant-on, flicker free,unique optic design for eye protection No Mercury, UV or IR, comply with RoHS standard

‧Warm white luminous effeciency is white 80 %

Product Description

1B/1BW: Wattage:4.5W Flux:405lm/324lm CCT:6000k/3000k

2B/2BW: Wattage:9W Flux:810lm/648lm CCT:6000k/3000k

3B/3BW: Wattage:13.5W Flux:1215lm/972lm CCT:6000k/3000k

4B/4BW: Wattage:18W Flux:1620lm/1296lm CCT:6000k/3000k